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Various photos collected.

By Edward Jones • Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Various photos displaying uncontrolled waste.



September 26, 2017 

Headline text:?Edward Jones's New Book "The Aftermeal" Is An Insightful Work That Takes The Time To Explain How Everyday Trash Is Destroying The Earth, And What To Do To Save It.

Full press release text:

     Edward Jones, a former school teacher, software/hardware engineer for major Fortune 500 companies, a trained Master Gardener, and passionate environmental activist, has completed his most recent book "The Aftermeal": a gripping and intense look at what is created in landfills worldwide from the innocent mixing of chemicals, and how it is destroying the planet.



October 2017 Edward Jones first radio interview with Stu Taylor.


Decebmer 26, 2017 Receives Patent on Water


Reclamation Canister.




     This proposed device 1 is a device and process for use with the reclaiming of water. The current invention is a is a gray water reclaiming container and system. It is comprised of two containers, an inner container, which captures liquids destined for drainage, and an outer liquid container for reclaiming water. There is a screen on the top of the inner container allowing ice to be filtered from liquid drinks as ice is fresh water which usually gets thrown away in cups into the trash can. The ice goes to the outer liquid container where it is melted into usable water. This usable water can be used and recycled into lawns, gardens or even used in the sanitary system to flush toilet. 

 The WRC most important invention since the Ice Cubeā€¦



December 17 2017  Edward Jones incorporated



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